Business Law

The firm’s services and experience in business law literally ranges from start to finish. We help the business owner choose the legal form of entity, manage the legal challenges while that business is up and running, and then proceed according to plan when it is time to sell or otherwise dispose of that enterprise.

Formation. The first legal choice a business owner must make is the form of business entity to operate under. The two most prevalent legal entities available are the Limited Liability Company (LLCs) and the Corporation. The client is also advised regarding the pros and cons of an S Corporation versus a C Corporation, non-profit entities, and the use of Managers and other managerial structures with Limited Liability Companies. We are also prepared to propose and discuss partnerships, business trusts and even sole proprietorships.

Operations. We are adept at advising clients at the earliest stages regarding the need for employment agreements, buy-sell agreements, and the various opportunities such planning can offer to avoid or minimize future thorny disputes among co-owners before they erupt. Our representation of several physicians’ groups and other professionals enables us to recognize and address the particular issues and challenges that arise with respect to professional business entities.

Modern-day businesses are besieged with challenges from all walks of life: government regulations, competitors, tax authorities, employee relations, real estate issues, and protection of the company’s intellectual property and trade secrets. These challenges present opportunities for us to promptly and expertly assist clients in meeting the tasks at hand head on.

Transition. When a business entity faces a life cycle change through owner buy-outs, retirement, sale of the business, or similar events, our firm offers a significant portfolio of services to assist the business and business owner in the transition. We have direct hands-on experience selling businesses and professional practices, and arranging the myriad other transactions facing commercial enterprises at critical points during their life cycle.

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