Proprietary Schools

Lambert Law has long experience in the representation of Proprietary Schools, dating back to 1985 when Brad began representation of Dorsey School of Business.

Our firm had the distinct privilege of representing Dorsey until its sale in late 2005.  During that time we represented Dorsey on many legal issues that arise generally for the business entrepreneur in any field, along with legal challenges that are peculiar for proprietary schools.  Those matters include the following non-exclusive list:

  • Regulatory issues arising from the Federal Student Loan program
  • Responding to Federal Department of Education audits
  • Accreditation with national accrediting agencies
  • Student claims and issues
  • Regulatory interaction with the Michigan Proprietary Schools Division
  • Employee and Instructor issues

We have represented several Proprietary Schools during the Firm’s 25 years of existence. We assisted these clients with issues and matters arising in the topic areas noted above, along with their particular concerns and needs.

Recently, we assisted our current Proprietary School clients in obtaining licensure, licensing a new location, renewing the licensing, and licensing educational software programs for use in the classroom.  As of this writing, some of these efforts are ongoing.

For most Proprietary Schools, the ability to offer student loans under the Federal Title IV and Pell Grants programs is most beneficial and even essential to their operations.  We have assisted our clients in resolving many of the legal challenges that arise in maintaining eligibility for such funding, and addressing the myriad accreditation and associated issues which arise in that context.

Finally, we have successfully assisted several of our clients (not just Dorsey) in selling their schools.  While we are sad to see them go, we are obviously pleased for their great outcome.  Moreover, these sales are intensive experiences which provide that much more valuable insight into the process and requirements of selling a business school, and the schools’ operations.

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