Contract Law

Drafting and Negotiation.  Our clients frequently call upon us to assist them in drafting and negotiating contracts of all types.  Leases, real estate purchases, employment contracts, purchases of goods and services, intellectual property licenses, you name it.  We have the know-how to get it done.

The following is a run down of the types of contracts we have drafted or negotiated for our clients since January 2017:

  • Commercial Leases
  • Land Purchases – Commercial and Residential
  • Commercial Truck Purchases
  • Employment Agreements (including covenants not to compete)
  • Business Purchases and Buyouts
  • Commercial Mortgage Loans
  • House Purchases

This list is not exhaustive.  We are uniquely positioned to implement each client’s specific concerns and not force them into a “cookie cutter” mold for their contracts.

Our experience with contract and commercial litigation keeps us grounded in our approach to contract drafting and negotiation.  In other words, we know what works, what is enforceable, and what is not.  This valuable information helps streamline drafting and negotiations and keeps the process more efficient.

Contract Dispute Resolution.  Parties frequently disagree with one another when it comes time to perform the contract.  Perhaps the parties disagree as to the meaning of a contract, or one party is dissatisfied with the non-payment or non-performance of the other contracting party.

In such cases, we can call upon our resources and experience to help our clients resolve their differences and guide them through the seemingly interminable maze which marks contract dispute resolution.    We can help them choose the right forum (if there is a choice to be made) and fight through all the differences to develop the desired solution, or pursue the desired just result in Court.