Landlord Tenant

At Lambert Law, we assist landlords who are having problems with a non-paying tenant as well as drafting leases that conform to Michigan law.  While the statutory scheme for handling evictions, security deposits, and disputes regarding the condition of the property are familiar to most landlords, there are nuances in the law that we sort out for the landlord.  We address these issues in our form commercial, industrial and residential leases, and assist our landlord clients when disputes on these issues arise.

Landlords are well advised to own their properties through a company such as a limited liability company.  This choice avoids liability that could be imposed on the individual’s personal assets.  The downside of this choice is that the landlord must then employ a lawyer to evict the tenant because and individual landlord who is not an attorney cannot represent a company.  We appreciate the cost concerns and work with landlords who are well versed in this area to maximize their contribution to the case and minimize the legal expense by providing “unbundled” legal services.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the experience and expertise to to handle the complex landlord tenant case that raises difficult challenges and disputes , and requires a more concentrated effort to achieve the desired results.  Such cases can arise on all types of properties – commercial, industrial, retail, and even residential.

We also protect the rights of tenants that have been wrongfully evicted in violation of their rights. Hiring an attorney gives you the competitive edge to prevail in any legal dispute you may be facing.  Many of the skills we have developed in landlord tenant cases can be used to your benefit.  Let us assist you to reach cost-efficient, practical solutions to your legal matter. We will effectively negotiate on your behalf and can represent your interests through trial and beyond.

Lambert Law also represents property owners who are located outside Michigan with property in Michigan. If you are an out-of-state landlord with property in Michigan, we can provide local assistance with your property. We are familiar with Michigan landlord-tenant laws and can represent you any legal proceedings that may arise.