Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the most important decisions a business owner must make is whether to sell his or her business.  That decision in turn leads to determining the acceptable price and other terms for the sale and acquiring qualified legal counsel to act as a member of the team carrying this decision through to its finale.

The decision is not limited to business owners.  Doctors, dentists and other professionals are also frequently able to sell their practice or merge with another entity to garner value from their hard work at their profession over the years.  We have represented at least a dozen professional entities in such undertakings.

The sale of a business or profession is an intricate process requiring a diverse knowledge of the critical terms and conditions of the sale, moving the transaction through the multiple negotiations and due diligence stages, and getting through to closing.   In addition, the business or professional practice has to be in the proper condition to facilitate the sale.

Lambert Law has had the privilege of assisting many clients through this process. We have worked closely with our clients to assure that they receive top flight legal representation throughout the transaction.  Our representation of clients selling their businesses and professional practices includes proprietary (business) schools, medical practices, legal practices, and manufacturers.

In each case, the critical inquiries are determining the client’s primary needs and quickly identifying and avoiding the pitfalls which might derail the transaction.  In many cases regulatory approvals must be obtained, requiring special attention to the details of that undertaking.  A well-run business will usually surpass that hurdle, but diligence is required in every case.