To many, Probate Court is a place to avoid. That’s not always possible and is actually not that easy to do. That’s where our services come in.

Probate proceedings usually arise when titled assets need to be passed to heirs, a testators’ wishes need to be fulfilled by the Court, or the deceased did not leave a Will. In such cases, someone needs to administer the estate – that person is the Personal Representative. Heirs need to be notified, property needs to be managed, and any challenges to the estate plan (or lack thereof) must be addressed.

Estate Administration.  Probate proceedings can be complex. Anyone named as a Personal Representative can use our assistance with the following matters:

  • Properly filing the probate case
  • Preparing and filing the will, inventories and accountings
  • Contacting interested parties and heirs; notifying potential creditors
  • Handling the “intestate” estate, where the deceased failed to leave a Will
  • Assuring proper distribution of property, accounts and cash
  • Resolving claims against the estate
  • Representation in will contests and other disputed proceedings
  • Prompt and timely payment of court fees and expenses

The Personal Representative can suffer considerable loss of estate value and in some cases even personal liability when the estate is not properly handled. The best time to avoid such losses is acting with the proper legal representation right from the start.

Representation of Heirs. An estate’s heirs also need assurance that their interests are protected. Just sitting back and letting matters sort themselves out is usually not a viable option. When the stakes are high, it’s best to have proper legal representation from Lambert Law.