Estate Planning Attorney Rochester, MI

With proactive estate planning, you can protect your personal and business assets in case something happens to you. No one wants to think about a worst case scenario, but that’s the only way to ensure your best wishes are upheld. How will your assets be distributed? Who will have custody of your children? These are questions that need to be answered, in writing, so there is no debate about your intentions. With an estate planning attorney in Rochester, MI, you can…

  • Prevent The Need For A Probate, Which Is Time-Consuming And Emotionally Draining For Your Family
  • Set Up A Guardian For Your Children – Especially Important For Single Parents
  • Allocate Your Assets To The Appropriate Parties
  • Arrange Charitable Donations That You Would Like Made After Your Passing
  • Create Long-Term Financial Security For Your Spouse And Children
  • Protect Your Assets Now In Case You Lose Legal Capacity Later On
  • Update Your Will To Fill Your Current Needs
  • Work With An Experienced Estate Planning Attorney In Rochester, MI

No matter what your lifestyle may be, you can benefit from working with an estate planning attorney. The will and trust attorneys at Lambert Law have over 25 years of experience. We have helped hundreds of people around Rochester, MI get the protection they need for their assets. Contact our office at (248) 642-7774 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Estate Planning Attorney For Married Couples

Married couples often complete their estate planning together because they have so many shared assets. This ensures that both spouses are protected if something happens to the other person. It also creates a plan in case both spouses pass away, including a guardian for any children in the home and distribution of funds over time. You won’t have to worry about your younger children getting too much money too soon. You can determine exactly how their inheritance will be dispersed. Our estate planning attorney in Rochester, MI can help you with all of these decisions.

Maintain Your Wills And Trusts

Your estate planning needs may change over time. For instance, if you acquire a new business, you will need to adjust your will to plan for that. If you sell a large amount of property, you will need to remove that property from your will. Your estate planning attorney will help you keep your will and trusts up to date, abiding by current laws and regulations. To learn more about your options, call (248) 642-7774. We will set you up for a free, no obligation consultation.

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