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At Lambert & Lambert, we’re here to serve your business needs in Troy, MI. Our dedicated team of business attorneys is committed to providing personalized attention and building long-term relationships with our clients. From establishing or buying businesses to advising on entity types, we have the expertise to guide you through legal challenges. With our extensive trial experience, we excel in dispute resolution and litigation, always striving to achieve the best results for you. Contact us at Lambert Law, conveniently located in Troy, MI, and let us help protect and grow your business.

The Importance of Hiring a Business Attorney in Troy, MI

Hiring a business attorney in Troy, MI, is crucial for effectively addressing our legal needs and challenges. A business attorney plays a vital role in supporting our business growth by providing us with valuable legal advice. They help us navigate the complex world of risk management, ensuring that we are protected from potential legal issues that could hinder our progress. Additionally, a business attorney assists us in establishing and maintaining proper corporate governance, ensuring that we comply with all relevant laws and regulations. They also help us develop a sound litigation strategy should we ever face legal disputes. Hiring a business attorney is essential for protecting our business interests and ensuring that we can operate smoothly and successfully.  Call us now – (248) 642-7774.

Common Legal Challenges Faced by Businesses in Troy, MI

Common legal challenges faced by businesses in Troy, MI, include contract dispute resolution and employment law compliance. It is important for businesses to have a strong understanding of contract laws and to have measures in place to handle any potential disputes. Additionally, businesses must ensure that they comply with employment laws to avoid any legal issues or penalties.

Contract Disputes Resolution

In contract dispute resolution, we work diligently to quickly identify and address any problems that may arise, ensuring that our clients’ immediate goals and needs are met. Our approach to resolving contract disputes involves implementing effective dispute-resolution strategies to achieve favorable client outcomes. We understand the legal implications of contract breaches and their potential business consequences. That is why we emphasize the importance of written contracts that clearly outline the rights and obligations of all parties involved. In cases where disputes arise, we advocate for mediation and arbitration as alternative methods of resolving conflicts outside the courtroom. By utilizing these methods, we aim to minimize the impact of contract disputes on business profitability and maintain positive relationships between the parties involved.

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Business Attorney Troy MI

Employment Law Compliance

Regarding employment law compliance, we ensure our clients are up-to-date with the latest regulations and guidelines to protect their businesses and maintain a positive work environment. Our firm understands the importance of workplace discrimination prevention, wage and hour compliance, employee benefits, workplace safety, and harassment prevention. We work closely with our clients to analyze their current practices and policies, identify non-compliance areas, and provide comprehensive solutions. We assist in implementing anti-discrimination policies, conducting wage and hour audits, reviewing and updating employee benefit plans, conducting workplace safety training, and establishing effective harassment prevention programs. Our objective is to help our clients navigate the complex landscape of employment law to minimize risk, promote fairness, and create a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees.

Key Services Offered by Business Attorney Troy, MI

One of the key services we offer as business attorneys in Troy, MI, is assisting with forming business entities and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of different entity types. This includes helping clients navigate the complexities of business formation, such as choosing between a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and a Corporation. We also provide insight into the pros and cons of S Corporations versus C Corporations and considerations for non-profit entities. In addition, we offer guidance on managerial structures with Limited Liability Companies and discuss partnerships, business trusts, and sole proprietorships as potential options. Our expertise extends beyond business formation to other areas such as intellectual property protection, drafting and negotiating business contracts, handling business litigation, and facilitating commercial transactions. With our comprehensive knowledge and experience, we are committed to serving our client’s needs in all aspects of their business endeavors.

How a Business Attorney Can Protect Your Business in Troy, MI

As experienced legal professionals, we prioritize protecting your business in Troy, MI, by providing comprehensive guidance and expertise in contract negotiation, intellectual property protection, and business litigation. Our focus is on risk management, ensuring that your business is equipped to navigate potential legal challenges and minimize potential liabilities. We understand the importance of safeguarding your intellectual property, whether trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets. Additionally, we can assist you in the business formation process, helping you choose the appropriate entity type and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Our expertise extends to dispute resolution, where we work diligently to achieve favorable client outcomes. By partnering with us, you can trust that your business is in capable hands, receiving the protection it deserves.

Business Attorney Troy MI

Tips for Choosing the Right Business Attorney in Troy, MI

In our experience, finding the right legal professional for your needs is crucial when protecting and navigating the complexities of your business in Troy, MI.

Here are some tips for choosing the right business attorney:

  • Business attorney selection: Look for an attorney with experience in business law and a track record of success in handling similar cases.
  • Legal challenges: Consider the specific legal challenges your business may face, such as contract disputes or employment law issues, and choose an attorney specializing in those areas.
  • Contract disputes: Ensure the attorney has experience in resolving contract disputes and can effectively negotiate on your behalf.
  • Employment law: Look for an attorney knowledgeable in employment law to help you navigate the complexities of hiring, firing, and managing employees.
  • Business protection: Find an attorney to help you develop strategies to protect your business from legal risks and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.


In conclusion, hiring a business attorney in Troy, MI, is crucial for the success and protection of your business. They can help you navigate common legal challenges, provide key services tailored to your needs, and ensure your business is legally compliant. With their expertise and experience, a business attorney can safeguard your business and help you achieve your goals. When choosing a business attorney, it is essential to consider their specialization, track record, and compatibility with your business needs. Call us now – (248) 642-7774.