Patient Advocate Designation

The Michigan Patient Advocate Designation form is an essential component of any Estate Plan, large or small.   This form serves two essential purposes: first, it enables a person to designate who will make the critical or end of life care decisions when he or she cannot.  Most clients elect to appoint their spouse, a family member or close friend to undertake this critical role.

Secondly, the planner can carefully establish guidelines for the Patient Advocate to follow when the critical decisions must be made.  Certain procedures can be designated as desired or to be avoided, as the planner elects.

We ordinarily advise our clients to designate a Successor Patient Advocate, in case the first choice is unavailable.  This designation – as with the initial choice – can be one or more persons.

Any failure to have a Patient Advocate Designation form in place imposes a significant burden on a person’s family and friends.  This omission could force them to go to court to get a guardian appointed and can lead to conflicts regarding who should be appointed.   This is also a lost opportunity to provide critical guidance when it is needed the most.

These unfortunate consequences can be avoided by consulting with LAMBERT LAW to use our ready-made Patient Advocate Designation forms for the benefit of you and others who may be called upon to make the necessary crucial decisions.

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