COVID-19 Notice

To our cherished clients, contacts, contractors and friends,

We hope all of you are staying safe, healthy and wise.  These are indeed trying times, but we are confident we can all get through this if we work together and follow the directives which have recently been issued by Federal, State and local officials.

The practice of law is not designated essential services nor are lawyers considered critical infrastructure employees for purposes of Governor Whitmer’s “Shelter in Home” Executive Order 2020-21.  The two of us nonetheless remain ready and able to assist you, work with you and provide legal services by all remote means available: e-mail, telephone, text messaging, video conferencing, faxes, and all other modes of communication available in this modern day and age.  This includes transmitting documents and messages by all such means, remote signing of documents, and hand-delivering documents through the mail drop in our office front door.

It is our privilege and priority to continue to serve you as we best can under the restrictions in place. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any reason and continue conducting your business and personal affairs as necessary.  It is vital that we all use good old American ingenuity to persevere through these troubling times by any means available to us.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and we will see all of you in person on the other side of this crisis.

Thank You and Sincerely,


/s/ Brad Lambert 

/s/ Dan Lambert